Florida Pompano Culture in Recirculating Systems
Workshop—June 3, 2013

This workshop covered the culture of Florida Pompano including brood-stock maintenance and conditioning, spawning techniques, larviculture protocols, use of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) for grow-out, and economic outlook for RAS culture of pompano. The day also included an in-depth tour of Harbor Branch’s RAS hatchery and grow-out facilities. The demonstration commercial scale RAS that was designed to reuse the water in a 20,200 gallon culture tank was highlighted.

This work was funded by a grant from the Aquaculture Review Council and Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Project Final Report

Pompano Brood-stock maintenance, conditioning, and spawning

Pompano Larviculture Protocols

Live Feed production for Pompano Larvae

Artemia Decapsulation Instructions

Recirculating Aquaculture systems for production of Pompano

In uence of feeding strategies on growth performance of juvenile pompano Trachinotus carolinus reared in inland recirculating systems

Economics of Pompano Production in RAS

Pompano Economic Model

HBOI ocean fish