Center for Marine and Warm Water Aquaculture

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More than 50% of the seafood we eat comes from aquaculture, but less than 1% is produced in the United States. There is a critical need and opportunity to expand US aquaculture production to grow safe and healthy seafood that will reduce the trade deficit.

From seaweed to fish, Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute has led the way in advancing aquaculture in Florida, the United States and internationally. The activities in the Harbor Branch Aquaculture Development Park are helping to meet one of the most significant long-term challenges we face: the need to expand aquaculture to help satisfy an expected doubling in the global demand for food over the next 40 years.

Strategic research goals of Harbor Branch’s aquaculture team include: increase the supply of nutritious; safe and high-quality domestic seafood; improve production efficiency; increase seed stock availability; develop novel feeds; improve aquatic animal health; create a skilled workforce and enhance technology transfer.

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