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Megan DavisPrincipal Investigator
Megan Davis Ph.D.
Research Professor, Aquaculture and Stock Enhancement
Florida Atlantic University, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
772-242-2298 office; 772-216-1523 cell
@queenconchlab (Instagram)
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Over the past decades Megan Davis has combined her strengths in aquaculture, marine ecology, technology transfer, business and project management to lead several international projects in Florida and throughout the Caribbean. She works on community-, industry- and fisheries-based projects. For example, she was co-founder of the Turks and Caicos Island’s commercial-scale queen conch farm; part of the Florida team that retrained commercial fishers to be clam farmers; and the science team lead on a large-scale spiny lobster aquaculture project in the Caribbean. She recently started a NOAA funded Puerto Rico pilot-scale queen conch hatchery project with her collaborator and a commercial fishing association. Megan has served the aquaculture and marine science community through several leadership roles at FAU Harbor Branch as well as through membership on regional and national boards. She is a NOAA Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee (MAFAC) member and was lead for the MAFAC seafood promotion task group. Megan is passionate about healthy and sustainable seafood and sea vegetable choices and shares information through culinary demonstrations.

For more information on queen conch aquaculture and conservation projects led by Megan and her team and partners – visit the Queen Conch Lab website and follow on Instagram @queenconchlab.

For more information on sea vegetables for human consumption project led by Megan and her colleagues – visit the FAU Harbor Branch sea vegetable web pages.

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