Many times, groups come to the course without a clear set of goals - this is no problem! Other times groups come to the course with a set of goals, but a different set of expectations for how the day will look. And sometimes groups just want to come and have fun. The staff here at FAU can help tailor the perfect program for your group and your needs.


The two types of programs we offer are: Team Building Programs and Recreational Programs.

Team Building Programs will allow your team to explore team dynamics such as communication, trust, problem solving, enhancing decision making skills, leadership and more. We recommend you go with the half day or full day program. We hope the following will help you understand some of the decisions made by our facilitators, in conjunction with your group contact, to create your program. Please note, a program may include all or just some of the following things and requests for specific agendas should be communicated well in advance.

Find more about what we can offer based on your group type:




 Last Modified 11/22/19