FAU offers a wide variety of instructional programs to provide personal enrichment, training and skill-building opportunities. These programs are progressive in nature so that skills learned within each class can be built upon over a period of time. Our instructors are certified within their discipline, and have experience instructing all levels of abilities.

Program Descriptions

Certification Courses


  • ACE Group Fitness Instructor Prep Course
  • ACE Personal Trainer Prep Course
  • Cycling Instructor Training Course


ACE Group Fitness Instructor Prep Course

This course is designed for anyone interested in becoming a Group Fitness Instructor for Florida Atlantic University, as well as for those interested in obtaining the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certification in the future. This 8-week commitment will provide all participants with the written and practical preparation to teach safe, effective, and motivating classes. Participants will receive training on exercise instruction fundamentals including physiology, biomechanics, class format and design, and the skill of teaching. Specific Group Fitness formats that will be taught in this course include: Strength, H.I.I.T., Kickboxing, and Sculpting. This course follows the guidelines in the ACE (American Council on Exercise) Group Fitness Instructor Manual to prepare you to take the test and become a certified Group Fitness Instructor.

Students who successfully complete this course will have the opportunity to audition to become a Group Fitness Instructor for Florida Atlantic University. Any instructors hired through this preparation course will have 30 days to take and pass one of the approved, nationally accredited certification exams.

Please note: This course does not provide you the ACE Certification, it is a prep course to prepare you to take and pass the exam. In addition, as a participant you will receive 20% off the exam costs for the ACE GFI exam. Spring Semester Only - Mondays & Wednesdays 2-4pm

  • Student Price: $50
  • Member Price: $100
  • Non-Member Price: $250


ACE Personal Trainer Prep Course

The ACE (American Council on Exercise) Personal Training Preparation course is designed for people who aspire to become a certified Personal Trainer. This 8-week course has been developed with both lecture and practical components, to give you the knowledge and hands-on experience that will enable you to become a fitness professional. Topics include: basic and functional anatomy, applied exercise physiology, client consultations/assessments, program design principles, resistance training, cardiovascular training, form and technique instruction, and more!

Current FAU students who successfully complete the course will have the opportunity to apply to our Personal Training program and participate in our interview process. Any student hired through this preparation course will have one semester to take and pass a nationally accredited Personal Training certification.

The Personal Training Prep Course is not designed to serve as a sole means of studying for a certification - it is meant to be a supplement. Please note that this course does not actually certify you as an ACE Personal Trainer, in order to sit for the exam you would need to register for the exam through the ACE website (Enrolled participants will also receive 20% off the costs for the ACE CPT Exam).

Fall& Summer Semesters Only - Mondays& Wednesdays 2-4pm

  • Student Price: $50
  • Member Price: $100
  • Non-Member Price: $250


Cycling Instructor Training Course

Interested in becoming a Cycling Group Fitness Instructor at FAU? This training course is designed to give you the practical training and skills needed to teach an effective, safe, and fun indoor cycling class. All participants who successfully complete the training course will have the opportunity to audition and be hired to teach at the FAU Recreation and Fitness Center.

  • No previous teaching experience needed
  • Completion of this course does NOT provide you a National Cycling Certification

Fridays March 20& March 27, 9:00am-5:00pm

*Note: Participants must be in attendance BOTH days

  • Student Price: $35
  • Member Price: $40
  • Non-Member Price: $50

Ladies Lift

Ladies Lift 1.0

This 8 session weight training program is exclusively for women and is designed to introduce the principles and basics of weight training in a comfortable, noncompetitive, and nonjudgmental setting. Learn how to navigate the weight room and develop a total body strength training workout to build strong muscles. This series will introduce you to a variety of resistance training modalities, and is perfect for those who have wanted to incorporate weight training into their routines but do not feel comfortable or know how to start.

Program Overview: 4 weeks, 8 sessions

  • Student Price: $40
  • Member Price: $50
  • Non-Member Price: $100


Ladies Lift 2.0

The Ladies Lift 2.0 program is a continuation of our 8-session Ladies Lift 1.0 program. This 4-week program builds upon the strength training exercises and modalities that were taught in Ladies Lift 1.0.

*Note: Students in this class should have some knowledge about weight lifting prior to participation.

Program Overview: 4 weeks, 8 sessions

  • Student Price: $40
  • Member Price: $50
  • Non-Member Price: $100

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art and combat sport that focuses mostly on grappling on the ground, or ground fighting, using leverage and applied techniques to overwhelm and submit your opponent. It is refined, and combat tested against many styles such as Kung-Fu, Karate, boxing, and various other styles. Even to this day, many fighters incorporate this style amongst their fighting arsenal due to its effectiveness as it can be mixed with any fighting style that focuses on striking. It is great for “the smaller guy” that may not be as strong as the opponent they face. It is also great for women as it helps women realize that they are stronger than they actually

About the Instructor: Devin Moultrie is a current FAU student studying Electrical Engineering, as well as a five-year veteran of the United States Navy. He started his training in 2010, and holds his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Program Overview: 4 weeks, 8 sessions

  • Student Price: $40
  • Member Price: $50
  • Non-Member Price: $100


Fitness 101

Looking for a way to advance your workout routine? Not sure where to start in the fitness center? Once a month, join our certified personal trainers for a FREE orientation in fitness. Learn the basics of creating your own workout to achieve your fitness goals.

*Note: these orientations and workouts are only available to current FAU Students and Members

Dates: January 26 & February 9
Day(s): Sundays
Time: 9:30am - 10:30am


Registration Information

  • Registration can be completed online (at the link above) or in our Membership Office. Registration will close 2 business days prior to the start of each program/class. 
  • Payment in full is required at the time of registration.  Late registration will only be accepted if the minimum number of the registered participants has already been met.
  • Minimum enrollment must be met for each course to run. The Department of Campus Recreation reserves the right to cancel any class with insufficient enrollment. If a class does not run, you will be issued a full refund.
  • No refunds will be given after the registration deadline (except for documented medical reasons).
  • Classes will not be held on University Holidays or during academic breaks.



Please contact with any questions regarding our Instructional Programs!