Fitness On Demand

We understand that faculty, staff, and students are busy! This program allows you to book private group fitness classes with one of our certified instructors and we will either come to you, or schedule space in our facility to host your event.


Instructor Fee: $40.00/hour

Note: Room Charges may also apply


  1. Classes will be 60 minutes long unless otherwise noted in the request
  2. Equipment may be limited if we are traveling to your on-campus location
  3. If this event is happening at your on-campus location, the location is required to have a phone, an emergency action plan, and/or an AED available (preferred)
  4. Requests may be denied due to short notice (less than three weeks), instructor availability, and safety of the location

  • All requests must be submitted at least  15 business days  prior to the date of the event.
  • Payment must be received IN FULL at least 10 business days prior to the date of the event. *(Exceptions: Internal FAU Group paying by Journal Entry)


Please contact  with any questions regarding our Fitness on Demand program!