Intramural Sports are competitive and/or recreational sport leagues, tournaments, and events. Available sports change each semester and have different registration deadlines. View the current schedule for deadlines and details. All skill levels are welcome.
Register to play and view your team's game schedule through . Eligible participants must bring a valid photo ID to every game.
E-mail us if you have any questions!

Spring 2023


  • Basketball (Spring 1)
  • Kickball (Spring 1)
  • Soccer (Spring 2)
  • Beach Volleyball (Spring 2)


  • Dodgeball (Spring 2)

Special Events:

  • Men's Bracket Challenge
  • Women's Bracket Challenge

Sport Showcases (NEW!) :

  • Soccer (Spring 1)
  • Emerging Sports (Spring 2)  



FAU offers Men's, Women's, Co (set ratio of males and females), and Open (no gender requirements) sports activities. The Sport Programs Staff reserves the right to use professional discretion when necessary to make an appropriate decisions regarding the policies and guidelines listed in the following links.

For more information contact the Sport Programs Administrative Staff at 561-297-0591 or

Intramural Participant Handbook 



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Intramural Sports (IMs) are organized sport competitions between FAU students and/or members. Campus Recreation provides student officials and all necessary equipment.

No, all Florida Atlantic University students currently registered for classes are welcome to participate in Intramural Sports. Faculty/Staff, alumni, etc. must purchase a Campus Recreation membership before participation in Intramural Sports. A photo ID and proof of membership must be presented before participation in every Intramural contest or activity.

No, all skill levels are welcome! There are recreational leagues available to teams that just want to have fun or try out a new sport. There are also competitive leagues for those who wish to be competitive. Intramural Sports promote sportsmanship, teamwork and participation so we encourage you to come out and have fun!

All Intramural Sports games are held on the Boca Raton Campus at FAU. Outdoor sports are typically held at the Track & Field Complex near the basketball arena. Indoor sports are typically held at the Recreation and Fitness Center at the North end of the Breezeway. Most Intramural Sports games are held Sunday 5 PM - 10 PM and Monday through Thursday evenings 5 PM - 11 PM.

Team rosters are typically capped at 2.5x the number of people needed to field a full team. For sports that require a fewer number of players, the roster maximum may be lower. 

Some teams may elect to hold practices on their own, but there are no scheduled practices for Intramural Sports.
If you know for sure that your team will not have enough players to participate in a game, you should default the match. This can be done by emailing with your team name, the sport, and your intention to default prior to 4:00PM the day of the game or 4:00PM on the Friday before a weekend game. Doing so will still count as a loss, but you will not be assessed a forfeit fee and the team will preserve a sportsmanship rating of 3 for the match. Additionally, this allows the office to see if other teams would like to fill your place in an extra game (does not count towards standings) or adjust our staffing schedule for the evening.
Teams are permitted to utilize our nomad rule to help ensure they have enough players to field a full team. Nomads are players that are already on an existing roster, but are going to temporarily fill in for anothe team. You can only add enough nomad players to meet the full amount needed to play (e.g., 5 players for basketball). This is a great way to avoid forfeitting a game. Nomads are not permitted in the playoffs.
A forfeit occurs when a team does not have the minimum number of players to play the game after a 10 minute grace period. A forfeit results in a loss, 2 for sportsmanship, and the captain will be assessed a $30 forfeit fee. The team will be suspended from playing and the captain will be suspended from all Intramural Sports until the forfeit fee is paid. Additionally, the captain will be suspended from all Campus Recreation facilities until the fee is paid. The best ways to avoid forfeiting are to either default the game in advance (see above) or to use the nomad rule/free agency to get enough players.
Due to space and staff limitations reschedules are not avialable for regular season games. During the playoffs, games can be rescheduled using the built-in feature on IMLeagues. Both teams must agree to play the game at one of the available timeslots on IMLeagues AND the Sport Programs office must approve the reschedule request. Requests must be approved by the office no later than 4:00PM the day of the game. 
Inclement weather does happen and we will do our best to notify you in advance about any weather cancelations. Games will either be canceled by 5:00PM if we anticipate lightning or other inclement weather or as soon as we make the determination that it is no longer safe to play. An email will be sent from IMLeagues to all partiicpates scheduled to play notifying them of the cancelation. If you have not received an email from IMLeagues, plan on your game happening.
There are a few different thigns that could cause this to happen. First, you need to have a roster that meets the standard number of players for that sport (e.g., 5 players for basketball) and the required number of males/females if it is a Co league. Next, if the division preferences you submitted were already full, IMLeagues will not automatically move you into a division. You can still move your own team into an open slot or contact us to move it for you. Your team is not considered registered until it meets the roster minimum and has been slotted into a division.

We are constantly on the lookout for people passionate about sports to become Intramural Sports Officials. Please check out the Join Out Team page under "About Us" on the Campus Recreation website. You can also contact for more information.

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