The Department of Campus Recreation provides outdoor adventure trips for students, and Rec Members. All trips are beginner friendly, although the level of difficulty can vary due to weather. For more information on any of the trips, stop by Base Camp during their normal  hours, email, or call 561-297-4425.

Trip Difficulty Ratings

Whether you want to learn a new activity, better your skills, or just explore a new area, our trips are designed to be appropriate for a wide variety of skill levels.  However, the difficulty of the trips varies.  The following rating system is designed to help you better understand the level of physical exertion for each trip.  The weather and your level of fitness can all affect the difficulty of trips, but this is the rating system that we use:

Not much physical exertion is needed. The activities for these trips are relaxing and not very strenuous.  These trips are the least likely to have increased difficulty as a result of fluctuating environmental conditions.

You’ll know that you’re getting exercise on these trips, but the activities are not as strenuous or as long as those in challenging trips.

These trips are still beginner friendly, but be prepared for a work out! The trips involve activities where you will be exerting yourself for several hours a day in conditions that can greatly affect the difficulty.  But remember, the greater the challenge, the greater the reward!

A note about canoeing and kayaking:

Anyone who has not taken the FAU swim test with the Rec Center Lifeguards will be required to wear a PFD. You can take the swim test anytime during the pool hours. You just need to approach the lifeguards and let them know that you are there to take the swim test. While on the trip, the leader may ask you to put on a PFD in certain situations regardless of whether or not you have completed a swim test.

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