campus rec rock wall



Florida Atlantic University is proud to host the only climbing center in all of Palm Beach County. Our outdoor facility has an inclined bouldering wall and a 30 foot tall rock wall. Our rock wall is full of exhilarating features and routes built for any climber from beginner to expert. Certified belay masters are present to guide you up and down our wall while answering any climbing questions you might have out at the course. All climbing gear, including harnesses and carabineers, are included in the cost of your membership.

Climbing Sessions

Wednesdays & Fridays

4:00 - 6:00 pm

COVID-19 Climbing Center Procedures

All attendees must:

1. Register for a climbing session at

This includes day pass and membership holders- Day pass holders,  please verify climbing availability before purchasing a pass . Once you have purchased a pass, register for a climbing session. 

2. Wear closed toe shoes. 

3. Provide their own water. Water will not be provided at the climbing center. 

4. Use hand sanitizer before and after each climb. 

5. Wear a face covering during all times, even when climbing the rock wall or taking breaks under the pavilion. 

6. Keep physical distance from other climbers.  


Monthly Membership - $20/month
Day Pass - $10/day

Day passes may be purchased online  here.

Monthly memberships should be purchased in the Membership Office of the Recreation and Fitness Center. Please bring a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase (can be digital).


Equipment including ropes, harnesses, helmets, belay devices, and anchors are provided. You may use your own harness and helmet, however, you assume all liability resulting from its use. Personal ropes are not allowed.


Only FAU Climbing Staff and participants wearing Belay Tags are eligible to belay climbers. Belay Tags will be issued to participants who have successfully demonstrated belay skills. Belay Tags must be visibly displayed on your harness.