"Bodies of Design: Somaesthetic Perspectives on Technology"

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FAU, Boca Raton Campus, CU Building, Third Floor

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The Center for Body, Mind, and Culture of Florida Atlantic University invite paper proposals for a conference on “Bodies of Design: Somaesthetics Perspectives on Technology” that will be held January 24 to 25, 2019 at FAU’s Boca Raton campus. The conference’s call for papers is as follows:

There is no denying that recent developments in technology have significantly transformed our modes of communication, behavior, and experience, even to some extent the experience of our own bodies. This conference will explore issues relating to the somaesthetic dimensions of technology with particular attention to human-computer interactive design. These issues include such questions as the following.

* To what extent and in what way does our technology-saturated lifeworld require rethinking our conception of the body and the revision of aesthetic theory and practice?

* How does the study of somaesthetics inform the conceptualization, design and use of technology and how is the study of somaesthetics informed by concepts and uses of technology?

* How should somaesthetic theory and practice inform design in robotics, virtue reality, and mixed realities?

* In what ways have the contemporary arts reacted to the new technologies and their creative potential but to also their possible risks?

* How can somaesthetics help us to develop an ethical stance towards technology and its various devices and purposes? 

Abstracts of 250 words and a current CV should be sent electronically as attachments to bodymindculture@fau.edu no later than November 27, 2018. 

Please direct conference inquiries to the same address. Selected papers may be developed for publication in The Journal of Somaesthetics or in an edited book based on the conference papers and published in Brill’s series Studies in Somaesthetics.

Further information about the conference will be made available at this link, where you can also consult the programs of the Center’s prior international conferences. Prospective speakers should be notified in December 2018.

Details about lodging here:

1. The Wyndham

2. Fairfield Inn