2022 Undergraduate Researcher of the Year

Tuesday, Apr 12, 2022
2022 Undergrad Researcher of the Year

Robin Bean, BSW student, was recently named FAU Undergraduate Researcher of the Year for the College of Social Work & Criminal Justice, nominated by her faculty mentor, Dr. Morgan Cooley, associate professor in the Phyllis & Harvey Sandler School of Social Work.

Their research project is titled Perceptions of Posttraumatic Growth Among Adults with Lived Experience in Foster Care. According to Bean, substantial research exists regarding posttraumatic growth (PTG); however, for adults with lived experience in foster care (LEFC), it is limited. The qualitative research project underway examines the experiences and perceptions of PTG among adults enrolled in college with LEFC.

“This award is well deserved and honors Robin’s hard work, passion, and insight that is setting her up for a meaningful and purpose-filled career,” said Dr. Cooley. “I am so proud of her!”

Bean, a former foster care youth, understands the focus of this research analysis in an extremely personal way.

“Foster care youth and adolescents deserve academic and emotional success,” Bean said. “I wish I could whisper to my 16-year-old self, expressing to her that all her heartache, emotional and mental sufferings, and trials and tribulations were necessary in overcoming obstacles transforming her; a frightened brokenhearted foster child into a strong capable woman who today is exhilarated, honored, and proud of receiving such an award. What was once my greatest suffering fuels my research passion and ambition as a future change agent promoting academic and emotional success for this vulnerable population."

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