Giving Opportunities

"Donors have a great impact on the lives of our current students, thus impacting the contributions these same students will make to our community and the world”


The University has a calendar full of activities including festivals, speakers, drama productions, intramurals, recreation events, concerts, convocations and other events. The University’s 300 student organizations are an eclectic mix of social, international, recreational, professional and special interest groups. A fulfilling student experience is more than just time spent in the classroom. The Student Life Fund provides opportunities outside the classroom to ensure that our students graduate with a well-rounded college experience. The Student Life Fund supports:

  • Bringing speakers to campus 
  • Campus Concerts
  • Service Learning and Community Service
  • Wellness Programs


Vice President for Student Affairs Initiatives Fund

An important source of funding for the Division of Student Affairs is the VP Initiatives Fund. This unrestricted funding administered by the Vice President for Student Affairs provides for the utmost flexibility and is used by the Vice President to support new programs and fund student projects and activities.


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SA General (SAF000): Student Affairs Greatest Needs/First-Generation Student Success

The Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to fostering student success through a sense of belonging, well-being and career skill development opportunities. Across 22 departments, we provide transformative spaces for students to create lasting memories as they navigate their college experience. Student Affairs proudly hosts expansive student clubs and organizations, provides key services to meet food security and professional clothing needs, and manages student housing, recreation and congregation facilities. Your contribution to the Student Affairs Greatest Needs/First-Generation Student Success fund provides vital support for students that transcends their classroom experience. It allows Student Affairs to respond to evolving student needs by providing an inspiring environment where they can thrive.


SAS (SAF140): Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) ensures that all campus activities, including academics, employment and housing, are universally accessible. We are committed to providing quality and comprehensive individualized services and state-of-the-art assistive technology while adapting to the dynamic needs of Florida Atlantic’s student population. Our services include advocacy, academic accommodations, learning strategies, assistive technology and software that integrates with a dedicated computer lab, and an active student organization for those utilizing SAS applications. Donations to the SAS fund provides students with expanded opportunities to achieve academic, social and career success. With your support, we can promote an inclusive learning environment for students today, and in the future.

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Veterans Operating (SAF605): Military and Veterans Student Success Center

The mission of our Military and Veterans Student Success Center is to empower military and veteran students. Through impactful activities and targeted programs, we’re making a difference in their lives and fostering a strong sense of community. Your donation enhances career readiness coaching to equip students with essential skills for their post-service journey, provides life-changing scholarships so they can focus on their education, and supports the Veteran Owls Student Organization where camaraderie and mentorship thrive. With your gift to the Military and Veterans Student Success Center, we can work together to enhance the experience and retention of our Military and Veteran student population.


Naming Opportunities

With many University departments and over 300 student organizations, the Division of Student Affairs has a variety of naming opportunities to meet individual and corporate philanthropic interests. In recognition of donor dedication, the Division of Student Affairs offers naming opportunities for gifts of $25,000 to $10 million.

For a complete description of planned giving opportunities and other useful information, please contact Dr. Keven Allen.

Michael D’Eugenio

Dr. Keven Allen

Development Director
Student Affairs Development




Types of Gifts:

  1. Current Gifts
    Current gifts are contributions that can be put to use by the Division of Student Affairs immediately upon receipt of the donation.
  2. Cash Gifts
    A gift of cash is the most commonly used means of giving to the Division of Student Affairs. This type of gift is usually sent through the mail in the form of a check or money order.
  3. Gifts of Securities
    A gift of common stock, bonds, mutual funds, or other appreciated securities may be given to the Division of Student Affairs. Depending on the circumstances the gift of securities will either be managed or liquidated to achieve the donor’s goal. A popular benefit of such a gift beyond the charitable income tax deduction, is that, in most cases, capital gains on the securities can be avoided.
  4. Gifts of Property
    Gifts of real estate and many other properties of value may be given to the Division of Student Affairs. These gifts can often receive the same tax treatment as gifts of securities: no capital gains tax plus deductibility at fair market value.
  5. Matching gifts
    Many companies match gifts that their employees make to the Division of Student Affairs. If your employer has a matching gift program, your own gift to a specific area, department of initiative may be doubled or even tripled. If your company has a matching gift program, the Human Resources Department at your organization will be able to supply you with additional information and a matching gift form.
  6. Planned Giving
    Planned gifts are the result of careful planning that integrates your charitable priorities into your overall financial, tax, and estate planning objectives in order to maximize the benefits for you and the Division of Student Affairs.
    Gifts include:
    • Bequests
    • Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
    • Pooled Income Funds
    • Charitable Gift Annuity
    • Deferred Gift Annuity
    • Retained Life Estates
    • Retirement Accounts
    • Life Insurance
    • Charitable Lead Trust