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Is a Graduate Degree in Environmental Science for Me?

Environmental scientists study how human actions affect the environment and our quality of life. They work to understand, predict, and reduce human-caused impacts on the environment. At FAU, we focus on aquatic systems because of our proximity to the Everglades and coral reef ecosystems.

Careers in Environmental Science

Research Scientist at a National Park, Wildlife Management for a Water Management District, Environmental Planner for a county or municipality, Program Coordinator in non-governmental organizations, all tied to ongoing research, restoration, or management of some of our nation's most sensitive aquatic systems and species.

What is Offered by the Environmental Sciences Graduate Program at FAU

Graduate Degree in Environmental Science

What's Special about the Environmental Sciences Program at FAU

Faculty in the Environmental Sciences Program

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Application Deadlines

Entry to Fall Semester: March 15
Entry to Spring Semester: October 1
Apply online: through the  FAU Graduate College.

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Cynthia Berman

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