Graduate and Professional Pathway Agreements

Physical Therapy

FAU – FIU Agreement

Pathway for Pre-PT/OT Students to FIU PT Program

What is the Agreement?

FAU students in the Pre-PT/OT concentration of the B.S. degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion have an opportunity to qualify for a guaranteed early interview with FIU’s highly sought after Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.

How to Qualify

ESHP students in the Pre-PT/OT concentration will receive a guaranteed early interview with FIU PT if they have an academic score of ≥72. To find out if you qualify just enter your overall GPA, pre-requisite GPA (see the pre-requisites here) and the components of your GRE score in the form at this link and the academic score that FIU uses will be automatically calculated.

Do I Need the GRE?

YES. You must have taken the GRE (see the form linked above) before applying to FIU

When are Early Interviews?

Early interviews range from October – February, so the earlier you apply the better. You can apply as early as August of the year before entry (e.g., apply in August 2023 for entry in the fall of 2024). The earlier you apply, the earlier you will receive your early interview (if you qualify).

How Long After I apply will I Be Informed of My Interview Status?

FIU will inform you within three weeks of submitting your application if you have received an early interview

What if I am Missing Pre-Requisites?

  1.  Remember to work with your advisor. The Pre PT/OT concentration provides you with the opportunity to seamlessly obtain all pre-requisites needed for the Physical Therapy program at FIU.
  2. However, you may not have all pre-requisites completed when you apply. That’s okay as long as you have them all completed before your start date at FIU.

How to Apply to FIU’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Go to this link and follow the instructions directly from FIU.

Questions and Links

If you have any further questions feel free to contact Dr. Zourdos. All links from above are collated below for convenience.

Pre-Requisites Needed for FIU

Academic Score Calculator

Apply to FIU’s Doctor of Physical Therapy

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