Research and Laboratories

test Biochemistry

The ESHP Biochemistry Laboratory conducts basic and translational research to understand mechanisms of inactivity-related disease, and key molecular signals that transduce the health benefits of physical activity and nutrients. Obesity, cancer, neurodegeneration, and other metabolic diseases are a focus of this laboratory. Our Principal Investigators use a variety of experimental systems including cell culture, pre-clinical rodent models, and human subjects while using omics technology and bioinformatics, molecular biology, biochemistry, mitochondrial phenotyping, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence, and behavioral tests in our experiments. The overall goals of the ESHP Biochemistry Laboratory are to define mechanisms and therapies that reduce chronic disease, alleviate health care costs, and improve quality of life.


test2 Human Performance

The Human Performance Laboratory was established in the early 1980s and is currently located in Field House   11A within the Exercise Science and Health Promotion Department.


test3 Muscle Physiology 

The Florida Atlantic University Muscle Physiology and Performance Lab is a unique lab designed for  biomechanics, strength training, and muscle performance studies. 


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