Undergraduate Biotechnology Certificate

Pharmaceutical Technology Certificate

Professional Science Masters in the Business of Biotechnology



Scientific and technological advancements continually open new areas of growth in the biotechnology industry, which span the agricultural, industrial, and medical fields.

The Center for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (CMBB) offers a Biotechnology Certificate Program. The purpose of the program is to encourage and prepare students seeking careers in this rapidly growing industry, focusing on molecular and microbiology techniques and preparation for working in a regulated laboratory setting The program is open to all students in the departments of Biological Sciences and Chemistry & Biochemistry at Florida Atlantic. Individuals with a baccalaureate degree in biology or chemistry from another institution may also participate.

Students can complete the certificate program in two years or less. The certificate is a total of 14 credit hours and includes two lecture courses and three lab courses. A Biotechnology Certificate will be awarded to students with an overall GPA of at least 2.5 and the minimum grade indicated for each of the following courses:

Course Number Course Title Credits
General Microbiology (C-) MCB 3023 3
General Microbiology Laboratory (B-) MCB 3023L 1
Biochemistry Lab (B-) BCH 3103L 3
Genetics (C-) PCB 3063 4
Lab Methods in Biotechnology (B-) BSC 4403L 3

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Pharmaceutical technology is a rapidly growing field involving the design, manufacturing, inspection, and packaging of medicines and research for new drugs, their validation, delivery system, and scaling up the manufacturing process.

The Center for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (CMBB) offers a Pharmaceutical Technology Certificate Program. The program provides students with a unique opportunity to understand the drug development process, emphasizing the roles that biology, chemistry, biochemical, analytical, formulation and regulatory issues play in the process of drug discovery.

This 14-credit certificate program is designed for individuals who have completed undergraduate level courses including Organic Chemistry 2 and Biochemistry 1. This certificate is also intended for individuals who plan to pursue a career in the biopharmaceutical industry,

Required Courses (10 credits):

Course Number Course Title Credits
Bioanalytical Instrumentation CHM 4139 2
Bioanalytical Instrumentation Lab CHM 4139L 2
Introduction to Drug Design CHM 4273 3
Introduction to Drug Development CHM 4274C 3

Elective Courses (4 credits):

Course Number Course Title Credits
Advanced Biochemistry BCH 4035 3
Biochemistry Lab BCH 3103L 3
Chemical Biology CHM 4300 3
CMBB Research Seminar BSC 4932 1
Introduction to Drug Formulation CHM4276C 3
Organic Chemistry 3 CHM 4220 3
Organic Spectroscopy CHM 4230C 3
Science Internship Course IDS 3941 1-3
Structural Biochemistry CHM 4350 3

For additional information, please contact Dr. Shailaja Allani (561-799-8322,



For students interested in obtaining a graduate degree to enhance their competitive edge in the workforce, the professional science masters in the business of biotechnology (PSM-BB) option is tailored to the business side of the emerging biotechnology industry.

The CMBB, in conjunction with the College of Business, has also initiated a Professional Science Masters (PSM) degree program in biotechnology. This 2-year program is primarily for students with an undergraduate degree in the biological sciences who would like to obtain further training in both the scientific and business aspects of the biotechnology field. The program will include two internships in biotechnology companies that will provide students with exposure to this exciting field.

Who qualifies for this program?

Students with undergraduate training in biology or chemistry are eligible for this program, which offers traditional classroom courses in both business and science and culminates with two internship experiences focused on the research lab and the biotech business environments.

What courses are required?

The PSM-BB is a total of 34 credit hours.

Core Courses (10 credits required)

Course Number Course Title Credits
Venture Creation ENT 6016 3
Biotech Business Development ENT 6196 3
PSM Business Internship MAN 6946 2
PSM Science Internship BSC 6946 2

Business Courses (9 credits required; choose from the list below)

Course Number Course Title Credits
Financial Accounting Concepts ACG 6027 3
Technology Commercialization Strategies ENT 6186 3
Developing and Marketing Innovations MAR 6837 3
Advanced Marketing Management MAR 6815 3
Marketing Functions/Processes MAR 6055 3
Entrepreneurship Venture Capital ENT 6426 3
Leadership and Organizations MAN 6296 3
Human Resources Management MAN 6156 3
Advanced Business Plan Development ENT 6116 3
Project Management MAN 6581 3
Cross-Cultural Management and Human Resources MAN6609 3

Science Courses (15 credits required)

The science courses are electives.

For additional information, please contact Dr. David Binninger (561-297-3323,

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