Social Media Best Practices

Obtain Permission

Prior to creating any social network involving Florida Atlantic University, you must receive authorization from your supervisor and notify the Division of Public Affairs. In order to be listed on the official university social network directory, fill out the form provided by Marketing. It’s also recommended that departments meet with the Marketing Department to discuss strategy and best practices. After approval, your page will be listed and recognized as an official social network page for Florida Atlantic University. Any information posted to a social network represents a voice for the university and/or particular department. Seek approval from your supervisor prior to posting.

Choose the Right Platform

All social media channels are not created equal. Each has a unique audience demographic, personality and method for success. The Marketing Department can help you determine the platform that best fits your intended audience and message. Content about the same topic can be presented in different ways across platforms to achieve the best results.


Before posting any information, make sure that it is accurate and credible. If you are uncertain, do not post any content at all. If possible, provide links or photos that can supply context to the post. Remember, you are representing the university and providing erroneous information can harm credibility to the university and your department.

Post Valuable Information

Social media is a tool for widespread communication. Take advantage of the tool and present meaningful information to users. Post should be relevant to the nature of the page.

Update Frequently

Postings should be updated and monitored regularly. At least three postings a week should be the minimum. Develop a routine that will contribute to this. Pages that are left inactive contribute a poor image to the university and/ or department. Remember not to overload the page with information. Users who are faced with information overload are likely not to return.

Monitor Comments

If users are allowed to post comments, they should be monitored frequently. Anything offensive, threatening, or considered spam, should be removed immediately.

Provide Feedback

Users are most likely going to use your social media page as a resource for information and answers to questions they have. Always respond to feedback instead of ignoring it. If you are unsure of an answer, direct the user to the appropriate place to where they can receive a proper response.

Be Respectful

As a representative of Florida Atlantic University, it is essential you engage in respectful and thoughtful discussion with users. Occasionally, users may post criticisms. Correct any false information constructively rather than initiating an argument. Personal opinions should be kept to yourself.

User Generated Content

FAU seeks to showcase the student experience through images and video captured by both professional staff and individuals associated with the University. Prior to posting content collected from non-university accounts, obtain consent from the creator/user. Any user generated content should give credit to the original user/creator. If at any time the creator/user revokes consent, FAU will remove the content from its social media channels.