Media relations overseeing a news interview with the university president

Media Relations

Media Relations takes a proactive role in disseminating news, features and story ideas to the local, national and international media. Additionally, Media Relations is responsible for reviewing and coordinating all press releases and news relayed to internal and external audiences. Media Relations also monitors University media coverage and maintains historical clippings of University news.

FAU is committed to working proactively with the press to maintain positive, productive relationships with the professionals who report the news via newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the web, including influential social media channels. Positive relationships with the press are developed and enhanced by providing honest and helpful information to reporters, in a timely manner and in an atmosphere of mutual respect and candor.

To reach FAU's Media Relations office, contact: or 561-297-2676.

Joshua Glanzer
Associate Vice President for Media Relations and Public Affairs

Lisa Metcalf
Senior Media Relations Director for University News

Gisele Galoustian
Senior Media Relations Director for Research and Health