If your request is not for academic instruction, fees will apply.

Production Rate (Hourly Schedule) A B
Video Taping of an Event w/Technician $100 $150
Video Editing $100 $150
AV Technician $50 $50
Studio Space Rental (no lighting) $60 $100
Studio Space Rental w/lighting $150 $250
Audio Recording/Editing/Mixing $40 $60
Webcasting Event; One Camera, No Graphics $200 $250

Pricing is per hour and does not include setup or travel costs associated with project estimate.


Schedule A

  1. Non-Credit Instruction
  2. Outreach Activities
  3. Affiliated Organization Events
  4. Partner Events
  5. University Departments - Non-Marketing Initiatives
  6. University Departments, Units or Groups (using a Designated Use Facility)


Schedule B

  1. Unaffiliated Groups or Organizations
  2. University Departments – External Marketing-Based Project
  3. Units or Groups (when an admission fee or donation is charged)


NOTE: Footage and b-roll collected for projects will be released on a case-by-case basis.


Questions should be directed to Amanda Burns.