Choosing the Right Photos

Photography should be meaningful and assist the reader in better understanding your message. Photographs that represent the University’s diverse student body are preferred. FAU units are encouraged to use university photography rather than stock images, whenever possible. Find our photography collection here.

When choosing images, keep in mind these concepts that embody FAU from a photographic standpoint. This will help maintain a cohesiveness and unity across FAU materials.

Sunny Optimism

Natural-looking, energetic shots of positive people in action. Colorful, bright images that reflect the mood and environment surrounding FAU.

sunny optimisim image 1
sunny optimisim image 2

Curiosity and Innovation

Images of students and researchers immersed in their work. Shots that highlight the opportunity to learn through experience.

curiosity and innovation image 1
curiosity and innovation image 2

Quiet Confidence

Shots that portray a confident individual who is secure in their abilities and ready to take on the world. Reflects the ambition and drive inherent in FAU Owls.

quiet confidence image 1
quiet confidence image 2


Bold images of students interacting with the world through research, career or philanthropy. Powerful shots of students engaging with the South Florida environment and community that depict a desire to impact the world around us.

exploration image 1
exploration image 2