The design and approval process generally can last 2-3 weeks. This does not include printing time. Complete project time from request to print delivery may vary depending on the nature of the project, if all necessary elements are provided to Creative Services in a timely manner, and how quickly units review and approval materials.

Please use these timelines (does not include printing time frames*) to plan your project.

Business Cards/Notecards/Postcards 8 working days

Trifold brochures/Event Programs 10-15 working days

Multiple Page Brochures 15-20 working days
(up to 12 pages)*

Posters 10-15 working days

Pull-Up/Vinyl Banners 10-15 working days

Reprints (no revisions) 8 working days

Reprints w/revisions 10-15 working days

Web Images/Digital Graphics 10-15 working days

*Creative Services works with multiple print vendors. Printing generally takes 5-20 business days from the date the project is sent to the vendor to delivery, depending on the project.

*Brochures/Programs larger than 12 pages will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Due to time constraints, only a limited amount of these projects can be accepted by Creative Services.