Offer Notification and Accepting Aid

Once accepted to the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine, incoming students will be mailed an Offer Letter indicating their estimated cost of attendance and Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan eligibility for the first year of medical school. Once you have been offered your Unsubsidized Direct Loan eligibility, you will be able to accept, partially accept or decline that funding. The Office of Medical Student Financial Aid will notify all students when the awarding process starts each year. Any scholarships you may have been awarded will be posted the week before classes begin, once all requirements are met. 

Students who will receive financial assistance not sent to and disbursed by FAU, such as outside scholarship and/or grants paid directly to the student or payment of charges made by a third party, must complete the Statement of Outside Resources Form. This form and a copy of the outside scholarship/grant or other resource must be submitted to the Office of Medical Student Financial Aid. You may scan and email these documents to

Official Financial Aid offers will be posted and accessible to you through your My FAU account. Students will have the option to accept, reduce, or decline any aid that has been offered. Incoming first year students must accept their financial aid through their My FAU account at least two weeks prior to the first day of Orientation, to ensure funds are received by the first disbursement date: usually the second day of Orientation. Continuing students should accept their funding no later than one week before classes begin to prevent delay of receipt of funds.

Instructions on Accepting your Financial Aid Offer

STEP 1: Access Financial Aid section of FAU Self-Service via MYFAU

Method 1:

  1. Sign into MYFAU with your FAU credentials
  2. Click/tap the "Money Matters!" tile
  3. Click/tap the "Your Financial Aid" tile to go directly to Financial Aid within FAU Self-Service

Method 2:

  1. Sign into MYFAU with your FAU credentials
  2. Click/tap the "FAU Self-Service" tile to access FAU Self-Service
  3. Click/tap the "Financial Aid" tab to access Financial Aid within Self-Service

STEP 2: Accepting Offers within FAU Self-Service

  1. Click/tap the "Financial Aid Status" tile
  2. If prompted, select "Academic Year" from the drop-down list
  3. Click/tap the "here" button at the end of the sentence which reads:
    visual on accepting aid
  4. Click/tap on the "Accept Financial Aid Offer" tab and, click on accept or decline for each offer listed.
    Note: Click/tap on the "Fund Name" of each offer to view additional information on that item.
  5. Click/tap on the "Submit Decision" button at the bottom of your Financial Aid Offer.
    Note: When you receive financial aid, you agree to fulfill the Terms & Conditions of Offers.
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