United in Excellence: Dr. Rubin and the Collective Spirit of Schmidt College of Medicine

By: Olesea Svet | April 12, 2024

Dr. Stacy RubinAt the heart of Florida Atlantic University's Schmidt College of Medicine, the collective spirit of dedication and excellence shines brightly through Dr. Stacy Rubin, this year's Distinguished Teacher of the Year. As an Assistant Professor of Medicine and the Foundations of Medicine Course Director, Dr. Rubin embodies the college's ethos of unity and excellence, profoundly impacting her students and setting a standard for medical education.

This prestigious award, chosen exclusively by students since its inception in 1969, highlights the profound impact Dr. Rubin has made on the lives of her students. "Being nominated was an honor in itself," says Dr. Rubin, capturing her humility and the collective pride shared among her peers.

Dr. Rubin's journey from an impressionable future educator, inspired in her aunt's classroom as a child, to her pivotal role in molding future health care professionals is fueled by passion, transformation, and a commitment to her students' holistic growth. "The real reward comes from seeing our students apply their learning to make meaningful differences in their professional lives," Dr. Rubin says, emphasizing the lasting impact of education.

Her philosophy of education—centered on patience, engagement, and a supportive learning environment—prepares students be compassionate caregivers. "Mentoring and nurturing a learner is the most rewarding part of my journey," she notes, highlighting the broader mission of medical education to serve the community and improve patient care.

As we look forward to Dr. Rubin's keynote address at the upcoming 55th annual Honors Convocation, her story highlights the power of collective achievements and the value of collaboration among faculty. "My work is intertwined with the unwavering commitment of my colleagues. It's crucial we recognize our collective efforts in elevating our students," Dr. Rubin states, echoing the Schmidt College of Medicine's commitment to collaborative success.

Dean Curtis L. Whitehair praises Dr. Rubin's achievements, saying, "Her teaching approach, rooted in synergy and shared success, exemplifies the leadership and commitment to excellence that propels our community forward. Together, we're shaping the future of health care, one student at a time." This reflection encapsulates the culture of synergy and mutual support as essential to shaping the health care leaders of tomorrow.

Dr. Allison H. Ferris, Chair of the Department of Medicine, adds, "Dr. Rubin’s passion for medicine and medical education is evident to her students and colleagues alike, making her an invaluable asset to our college." This sentiment reinforces Dr. Rubin's significant role as an educator, mentor, and role model.

Students themselves echo this sentiment. Vama Jhumkhawala praises Dr. Rubin's compassion and availability, while Madison Tharp credits her for pushing students towards success and embodying the qualities of an excellent clinician. Mia Glickman highlights Dr. Rubin's role in navigating the patient-physician relationship, stating, "She taught us to be uncomfortable now, so we're prepared for the future," showcasing Dr. Rubin’s dedication to empowering her students.

Dr. Rubin’s journey reflects the transformative role educators play in healthcare and exemplifies the culture of synergy and excellence at the Schmidt College of Medicine. Her approach to teaching and her philosophy of making the world a better place—one student and one patient at a time—demonstrate the collective spirit that defines the Schmidt College of Medicine. Honoring her achievements is a celebration of collaboration that propels the college toward greater goals, for our learners, for health care, and for the community.

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