Master of Science in Marine Science & Oceanography

Program Faculty

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matt Dr. Matthew Ajemian Ecology and behavior of marine and estuarine fishes, particularly fisheries species and elasmobranchs (sharks and rays). Link
John Baldwin Dr. John Baldwin Ecological and evolutionary processes that shape natural populations. Link
Jordon Beckler Dr. Jordon Beckler

Geochemistry and Geochemical Sensing

randy Dr. Randy Brooks Behavioral/physiological ecology of marine organisms. Symbiotic associations Link
Dr. Andia Chaves Fonnegra Dr. Andia Chaves Fonnegra Integrative Marine and Coastal Ecology Link
Laurent Cherubin Dr. Laurent Cherubin Interests are in ocean and ecosystem dynamics, and marine connectivity. Tools consist of numerical modeling and field observations using autonomous platforms such as glider and advanced aerial and underwater sensing techniques Link
Xavier Comas Dr. Xavier Comas Application of near-surface hydrogeophysical methods to environmental studies with emphasis in: peatlands geophysics, karst geophysics, and studies of the critical zone Link
Erik Engeberg Dr. Erik Engeberg

Robotics, Energy Harvesting, Sensor Design, Bioinspiration and Biomimetics

Dr Ester Guzman Dr. Esther Guzmán The anti-tumor or anti-inflammatory activities of marine natural products isolated from sponges and corals Link
Dr. Dennis Hanisak Dr. Dennis Hanisak Physiology and ecology of marine plants, primarily macroalgae and sea grasses Link
Dr. Tobin Hindle Dr. Tobin Hindle Human-Environmental Interactions; Ecological Regeneration; Strategies to integrate Science, Society and Nature; Geographical Information Science Link
Dr. Mingshun Jiang Dr. Mingshun Jiang Estuarine and coastal dynamics, ocean iron and carbon cycles, water quality, ecosystem functioning, and coastal inundation Link
Dr. Kajiura Dr. Stephen Kajiura Integration of sensory biology and behavior with functional morphology primarily in the elasmobranch fishes Link
Dr. Koch Dr. Marguerite Koch Our research is on nutrient cycling and primary production in tropical marine ecosystems and stressors that influence tropical seagrass, mangrove and algal communities Link
Dr. Lapointe Dr. Brian Lapointe Harmful algal blooms in subtropical and tropical coastal ecosystems Link
Dr. Laramore Dr. Susan Laramore Aquatic animal health, crustacean and bivalve diseases, with an emphasis on viral diseases Link
louda Dr. J. William Louda Research centers on water quality and how that affects microalgal communities (phytoplankton, periphyton, epiphytes etc.) Link
Dr. Markwith Dr. Scott Markwith The processes, natural and anthropogenic, that shape the spatial patterns we see in the biosphere. My main interests span gradients from terrestrial to aquatic systems Link
Dr. Farland Dr. Malcolm McFarland

Dynamic processes that determine the distribution, abundance and diversity of marine phytoplankton populations and communities

Dr. Krista McCoy Dr. Krista McCoy Dr. McCoy’s research aims to understand how environmental pollutants alter development, physiology, and behavior, and to devise ways to ameliorate their negative effects. Her work scales from genes to communities and focuses on terrestrial and marine wildlife and human health. Link
Dr. Mike McCoy Dr. Mike McCoy Population/Community Ecology of Fresh and Saltwater Organisms, Predator Ecology, Disease Ecology, Complex Life Histories, Across Ecosystem Interactions, and Quantitative Methods. Link
Dr. Mejri Dr. Sahar Mejri Research interests revolve around the reproductive physiology and ecology of freshwater and marine fish, aquaculture of new species, aquaculture nutrition, and research on early life stages of fish (eggs, larvae, and juveniles) and their interaction with the environment as well as their adaptive mechanisms under stressful conditions Link
Dr. Milton Dr. Sarah Milton Physiology and conservation of sea turtles and their environment; Physiological responses to environmental stress, primarily the effects of hypoxia and anoxia on the brain Link
Dr. Moore Dr. Jon Moore Ecology and evolution of deep-sea fishes, both pelagic and benthic. Also worked on seamounts and other deepwater habitats. Dr. Moore also co-manages the HBOI Manatee Project. Link
Dr. Tim Moore Dr. Tim Moore Dr Moore’s research focuses on the use of ocean color remote sensing for environmental monitoring and includes bio-optical algorithm development for open ocean, coastal and inland aquatic systems. Dr. Moore incorporates field work with satellite imagery, with topics covering harmful algal blooms, benthic mapping in shallow waters, water quality studies, and global change related to climate studies.
Dr. Aditya Nayak Dr. Aditya Nayak Experimental fluid dynamics and oceanography, including biophysical interactions, marine particle characterization, coastal processes, and small-scale turbulence Link
Dr. O'Corry-Crowe Dr. Gregory O’Corry-Crowe Behavioral ecology and molecular genetics of top predators, including marine mammals. Link
Dr. Oleinik Dr. Anton Oleinik Cenozoic stratigraphy, molluscan paleontology, paleobiogeography and paleoclimates of high-latitude regions Link
Dr. Bing Dr. Bing Ouyang Underwater laser imaging system, image and signal processing and oceanographic data analysis, visualization and management Link
Dr. Page Dr. Annie Page Epidemiology, pathology, and ecology of marine wildlife disease; Molecular diagnostic approaches to marine wildlife disease issues; Marine wildlife population health assessment and rehabilitation Link
Dr. Pomponi Dr. Shirley Pomponi Cell biology, physiology, and systematics of marine sponges with an emphasis on tropical shallow and deep-water species that produce biologically active metabolites Link
marianne Dr. Marianne Porter Comparative biomechanics and functional morphology. Research focuses on understanding the mechanics of stiff biological materials including cartilaginous vertebral column materials, mechanics, and how mechanics impact swimming speed and style. Link
Eric Prokocki Dr. Eric Prokocki Deciphering the geomorphology and sedimentology of fluvial, estuarine-deltaic, continental shelf, and channeled to unchanneled deep-ocean turbidite settings. This is accomplished via geophysical surveying of modern environments, laboratory flume experiments, and numerical modeling collaborations. Link
Dr. Richie Dr. Marty Riche Fish nutrition and physiology including bioenergetics, nutrient requirements and availability, and development finfish diets Link
Dr. Roberts-Briggs Dr. Tiffany Briggs Coastal geomorphology and geology; storm impact and recovery; beach nourishment; coastal sedimentology; coastal ecosystem health Link
Dr. Root Dr. Tara Root Use of groundwater chemistry as a tool for delineating groundwater flow paths and characterizing surface water-groundwater interactions. Link
Dr Mike Salmon Dr. Mike Salmon My work focuses primarily (but not exclusively) on marine turtles. My primary interests are in sensory biology, behavioral development, orientation, migration, biological rhythms, habitat selection, anti-predator adaptations and the management of marine turtle nesting beaches Link
Dr. James Sullivan Dr. James Sullivan Mechanisms controlling the spatial-temporal dynamics of phytoplankton populations, including Harmful Algal Bloom (red tide) dynamics Link
Dr. Tim Theisen Dr. Tim Theisen Population genetic structure and phylogeography of marine fishes; mechanisms affecting population distribution and gene flow in marine fishes Link
Dr. Mike Twardowski Dr. Mike Twardowski Optical sensor design-development-application for environmental characterization in oceans and coastal/estuarine areas, oceanic particle field dynamics, ocean color remote sensing, active laser remote sensing, underwater imaging, long-term monitoring strategies Link
Dr. Voss Dr. Joshua Voss Coral reef ecology, marine molecular ecology, marine conservation and management Link
Lyndon West Dr. Lyndon West

Discovery of pharmacologically-active metabolites from marine invertebrates

 Dr. Paul Wills Dr. Paul Wills Production of finfish for food and for sportfish enhancement Link
Dr. Amy Wright Dr. Amy Wright Bioassay-guided purification and structure elucidation of novel marine natural products that may have utility in the treatment of human diseases. Link
Dr. Jeanette Wyneken Dr. Jeanette Wyneken Morphological, behavioral, and physiological analyses of behavior in sea turtles as they undergo offshore migration, and how sea turtle visual systems differ among species, and consequences on environmental change on development Link
 Dr. Zhixiao Xie Dr. Zhixiao Xie GIS, Remote Sensing, Spatial Data Analysis & Modeling Link
Dr. Caiyun Zhang Dr. Caiyun Zhang Quantitative analysis of LiDAR and hyperspectral data for vegetation characterization, remote sensing of ocean climate change, and spatial modeling and analysis Link
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