Group Therapy

Spring 2024 Group Therapy Schedule

CAPS is pleased to offer group therapy services to the FAU student population. Many people have stereotypes about group therapy or wonder what really happens in a therapy group. Research has shown that group therapy is as effective as individual therapy and, depending on your presenting concerns, it may be the treatment of choice. Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy, focusing on developing insight, understanding feelings and creating behavior change with peers. Four to ten clients meet with one or two experienced group therapists. Most therapy groups meet every week at the same time each week for 60 or 90 minutes.

There are three broad types of groups offered at FAU CAPS:

  • Process groups are to designed to focus on the here-and-now sharing, communication, and interaction between group members. These groups are beneficial for students with a wide-range of issues but most members feel as if they would like to improve some aspect of their social interaction. Support groups are made-up of people who share a similar characteristic who gather to relate, while giving and receiving support.
  • Support groups help members feel as if they are not alone, which allows them to be connected within a community of individuals who may share similar experiences.
  • Skills-based groups are designed to teach you skills that improve your mental health and be incorporated into your daily life. These groups tend to be more structured than the other groups and are mainly driven by the therapist providing the skills that group members are to practice within and outside of session.

A “pre-group screening” with the group therapist(s) is scheduled prior to a group member joining. Clients must have had an initial assessment with one of the center’s therapists prior to having a pre-group screening. During the pre-group screening, you will learn more about the group structure and how this particular group will assist your presenting concern.

Each semester CAPS offers a variety of groups. The groups are open only to FAU students. Starting dates for the groups will vary. Services offered by CAPS are covered as long as you are enrolled and have paid the Health Fee. Confidentiality in group is strictly respected.

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If you would like to know more about group therapy, visit or call CAPS for more information.