CAPS Community Liaison Program

The CAPS Community Liaison Program was designed to meet the needs of our Florida Atlantic students through facilitating their accessibility to services available to them in the larger community. Our Liaison Program consists of each of our clinicians establishing and strengthening relationships with local community service providers such as hospitals and mental health centers. These relationships will allow for a facilitation of necessary referrals, admissions, and discharge follow-ups., and for a greater collaboration on prevention efforts through the attendance of mental health experts during our outreach events and training.

How is the CAPS Community Liaison Program Beneficial to your Center?

  • Increased visibility and familiarity of Florida Atlantic students/staff with the services your center provides
  • Established point of contact at CAPS to facilitate referral, admissions, and follow-ups
  • Opportunities for your staff to provide and receive continuing education credits through participation in workshops
  • Opportunities for involvement in research.
  • Personalized collaboration between CAPS and your staff
  • Increased insight into mental health trends as related to academia

We are constantly looking for local mental health providers that can offer a wide array of services easily accessible and appropriate for our students. If you would like CAPS to consider you for the Community Liaison Program, please email us at

Additional Campus Resources:

FAU Police   561-297-3500
Dean of Students   561-297-3542
FAU Victim Services   561-297-0500
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline   800-273-TALK
National Sexual Assault Hotline   800-656-HOPE