CAPS Mission and Values


The mission of Florida Atlantic University Counseling & Psychological Services is to provide FAU students with quality, individualize, timely, and effective mental health services that allow them to improve and maintain their mental well-being and therefore to meet their educational, personal, emotional, and psychological goals. CAPS further supports FAU students’ by providing training, consultation, and outreach programming to students, faculty and staff so that they might better respond to the psychological needs of students. CAPS also trains graduate students in the provision of short-term psychological care and contributes to the university’s culture of research.


The following values guide the work of the counseling professionals at the FAU Counseling & Psychological Services Center:

  • CAPS values authenticity, integrity, compassion, personal growth, health and wellness, diversity, accessibility, and respect for others.
  • CAPS will strive to provide maximum quality and accessibility of direct professional mental health services to FAU students in supporting students towards achievement of their academic goals.
  • CAPS will seek to encourage self-awareness, personal responsibility, and healthy interpersonal relationships within a diverse environment.
  • CAPS will maintain open communication between providers, staff, and clients, while at the same time ensuring confidentiality and privacy as mandated by state and federal laws.
  • CAPS will treat all individuals with respect.
  • CAPS will provide prevention programming and consultation to students, faculty, and staff with the purpose of facilitating healthy development and psychological functioning.
  • CAPS will facilitate education and training of students and staff on topics that are germane to the healthy functioning and well-being of FAU students and the FAU community.
  • CAPS will ensure that all services provided are vital, current, and ethical.
  • CAPS will maintain positive and ongoing relationships with the campus and surrounding community.