Consultation Services

Counseling And Psychological Services is committed to promoting an atmosphere at FAU which is conducive to the well-being, personal growth, and psychological health of each of its students. To this end, our staff of counselors and psychologists is available as consultants to assist you in your role as administrator, teacher, advisor, counselor and/or leader of students. Consultation involves a collegial relationship in which the consultant(s) deal exclusively with your work-related or student service issues, not your personal concerns. Topics of these consultations might include but are not limited to: classroom disruptions, accidents/incidents, students in distress, and threats of violence. Services are available to any academic department or administrative unit, as well as any staff, faculty, or student organization. Individuals – staff, faculty, or students – may also request services.  

Counseling And Psychological Services encourage everyone in the FAU community to…


Be a WISE Owl!


  • Have you noticed any odd or unusual behavior?
  • Has the person appeared to be extremely upset, angry, sad, worried, or confused?
  • Has the person talked about wanting to hurt themselves, hurt someone else, or lost hope for the future?
  • Have other people noticed any markedly different behaviors from the person?


  • Speak to the person in private
  • Ask open-ended questions
    • “You haven’t seemed like yourself lately, what’s going on?”
    • Ask important questions WITHOUT passing judgment
      • “Are you thinking of hurting yourself in anyway?”
      • “Have you ever thought of committing suicide?”
      • Demonstrate care by letting the person know that you will help them find help for their problem(s)


  • Strongly encourage the student to seek professional counseling services:
  • During business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)
    • FAU Counseling And Psychological Services 561-297-CAPS
    • FAU Dean of Students Department 561-297-3542
    • After hours, anytime (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
      • FAU Police Department 561-297-3500


Encourage Help-Seeking

  • Support the person by assisting them in making an appointment at the FAU Counseling Center
    • Offer to walk with them to the Counseling Center
    • Sit with them while they speak with an on-call counselor over the phone
    • If the person refuses to seek help:
      • Listen to their reasons and continue to encourage them to talk with a professional counselor
      • If the person is in immediate danger to themselves or others, Call 911 or FAU Police at 561-297-3500
      • If you are unsure how to proceed, Contact campus resources