Information for Faculty and Staff

If you feel a student is in immediate danger of causing harm to themselves or others, please call 911

Faculty and staff are often the first responders to students who are encountering a difficulty. Although this can feel overwhelming at times, faculty and staff are in an excellent position to identify students in emotional distress, provide them with assistance, and refer them to CAPS or other appropriate resources within FAU.  

Below is a list of resources to help faculty and staff reach out to students of concern.

  • CAPS is available to consult with faculty and staff regarding concerns they may have about their students. To have a consultation with one of our counselors, please call our main number. 
  • The  Students in Distress  guide can provide you with information about how to recognize a struggling student, how to talk with a student in distress, and referral options.
  • The  Dean of Student’s Office  also offers resources to help faculty and staff feel prepared to speak with students who are experiencing emotional distress.