Members of the FAU community should conduct themselves ethically, honestly, and with integrity in all dealings, being fair and principled in their business interactions and acting in good faith with respect to the University and its students, research sponsors, alumni, and donors. When in doubt about the propriety of a proposed course of action, seek counsel from those colleagues, supervisors, or administrators who can assist in determining the right and appropriate course.

Resources for ethical conduct can be found here:

Florida Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees

Regulation 5.011 University Ethics

Regulation 7.007 Process for Complaints of Waste, Fraud or Financial Mismanagement

Policy 1.9 Fraud

Policy 8.2 Standards of Conduct

Policy 7.5 Personnel

Faculty Handbook—Ethical Conduct of the University Community

Do you have an ethics concern?  Please contact FAU’s Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer at 561-297-3004 or submit an anonymous report to FAU’s third party ethics hotline at

Ethics Training

 For FAU Ethics training, please press here and register.  You must have an email address to register.


Relationships between members of the FAU Community and outside individuals and entities, including vendors, donors and potential business partners, must be free of any actual or perceived impropriety.  Members of the FAU community should not personally accept any gift, gratuity, or other payment, in cash or in kind, from any vendor seeking to do business with FAU or currently doing business with FAU if such gift, gratuity or other payment is intended to influence their official actions or would otherwise create an appearance of impropriety. Some members of the FAU community who are reporting members are also responsible to report certain gifts to the Florida Commission on Ethics.  If questions arise about the materiality of a proposed gift or gratuity, the proposed recipient should seek advice from the Office of the General Counsel or the Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer.

  Resources for gifts can be found here:

Overview of Laws Relating to “Things of Value,” Gifts, and Expenditures

Policy 9.1 University Gift Solicitation and Acceptance

Conflicts of Interest

Information on conflicts of interest at FAU may be found here.