Adventure Trip FAQ’s

What is included in the trip?
This varies depending on the trip. However, most trips include transportation to and from FAU’s Boca Raton Campus, meals while camping and during activities, and group gear such as tents, stoves, kayaks, canoes, snorkel equipment, paddleboards, etc.
How do I register for a trip?
Registration can be done online at Students click “Log In” in the upper right hand corner and click “Sign in with FAU NetID”. Other users will need to create an account. Registrations can also be done in person at Base Camp located inside the Recreation and Fitness Center at the Boca Raton Campus.
How many people can go on the trip?
It varies depending on the trip. However, most trips can accommodate up to 10 participants and 2 trip leaders.
What will the food be like on the trip?

Meals can vary, but some samples are listed below to give you an idea of what to expect. We try to stick healthy, quick, and easy to clean up meals. Meals while traveling to or from a location are typically on your own. We try to stop somewhere that has multiple options to choose from. Your welcome to bring any snacks you’d like on the trip.

Example 1 Oatmeal Peanut butter and jelly, fruit Pasta, vegetables, meat Granola bars
Example 2 Yogurt, granola, fruit Veggie tortillas, hummus Soup Fruit
Example 3 Pancakes Bagels, summer sausage, cheese Pita pizza S’mores
Can I meet you at the trip location?
No. Our trips leave from and return to FAU Boca Raton Campus. Northbound trips can stop at the Jupiter Campus if needed to pick up and drop off students residing in Jupiter. The only exception to this is trips that require air travel. With these trips we will meet and begin the trip at the destination airport and end the trip at the airport.
Where will we be staying?
We will be camping at a state or national park for most trips - sometimes in the backcountry. Restroom and shower facilities are not always available on trips. We will provide specific details about accommodations before each trip departs.
Can non-FAU students attend the trips?
Yes! We have separate prices for FAU Students, members of the Recreation and Fitness Center, and non-members. Participants must be 18 years old.