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Monday, Aug. 3, 2020
Vol. 8 | Issue 29

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  • Lead Student Leadership Conference
    A catalyst for students to become Change Agents.
  • WeLead Diversity Matters Student Leadership Symposium
    An experience demonstrating how diversity and inclusion are at the core of effective leadership, practice, and service.
  • Roadmap to Success Conference
    Learning the skills and techniques needed to succeed in college and future careers.
  • Women's Leadership Institute
    Raising awareness on issues women face in leadership, facilitate skills development, and networking opportunities .


Call for Presentations: FAU virtual Data Science, Analytics, and AI Conference

Engage with the data science and AI community across industry, government, and higher education; share your business or academic expertise; showcase the latest trends and developments. Submit a presentation proposal and learn more at http://www.fau.edu/data/call-for-presentations/. Deadline for submissions: August 17, 2020.

Visit fau.edu/data to learn more.

Local Leaders Discuss Local Elections

Join us August 13, 2020 at 4:30 p.m. for “Local Leaders Discuss Local Elections,” an informational, non-partisan webinar sharing insightful local election information, questions from young voters, voting resources, and more. Speakers on the panel: • PBC Commissioner Mack Bernard • Supervisor of Elections Wendy Link • Boca Councilwoman Andrea O’Rouke • Boynton Commissioner Ty Penserga • State Senator Bobby Powell This event will be moderated by Constance Scott, FAU Director of Local Relations

Click here to learn more.

Need Money To Buy Books!

The FALL 2020 Short-Term Advance Application will be available on MyFAU (click on Money Matters tab) on August 3 2020. If ALL eligibility criteria are met, www.fau.edu/finaid/types-of-aid/books.php

Short-Term Advances for students starting Fall 2020 classes on August 22, 2020 will begin to disburse August 18 2020.Short-Term Advances for students starting Fall 2020 classes on September 26, 2020 will begin to disburse September 22 2020. Short-Term Advances for students starting Fall 2020 classes on October 17, 2020 will begin to disburse October 13 2020. Short-Term Advances for students starting Fall 2020 classes on October 31, 2020 will begin to disburse October 27 2020. Visit http://www.fau.edu/finaid/resources/dates/ to learn more.

Visit www.fau.edu/finaid/types-of-aid/books.php for more details and eligibility requirements. College of Medicine students will need to contact the Director of Financial Aid in the College of Medicine

Erase Hate Exhibit - Call for submissions

Together with the FAU Center for IDEAs and in support of the FAU Libraries Erase Hate initiative, we want to give students the opportunity to express their feelings about the horrific death of George Floyd and others who lost their lives to racial injustice. This is a safe space where students can express actions they would like to take or feel others should take to erase the hate in order to start a conversation.

We invite FAU students to submit written (spoken word, poetry, essay, letters, etc..) or artistic (painting, sculpture, drawing, etc…) pieces answering the questions: How have you been impacted by racism you have experienced or have witnessed? What is your hope for the future? Your submission will be shared anonymously on the FAU Libraries website in an effort to create a space where we can listen and learn from each other and most importantly, promote a community of respect for all. Select pieces will also be part of an upcoming exhibition.

To learn more visit https://library.fau.edu/erase-hate-exhibit

Support Nursing Home Residents by Volunteering From Home

The COVID19 pandemic has significantly impacted the seniors residing in assisted living facilities many of which have had to alter their visitation policies in order to protect residents. The goal of the project ,Connected Through Caring, is to promote cross-generational conversation and to strengthen community engagement with our most vulnerable members.

The project consists of three options for involvement including submitting a letter of encouragement/gratitude to nursing home residents/healthcare workers, a pen pal program where students will be matched with seniors in the community and a video chat initiative where students will have an opportunity to converse with seniors. This is the perfect opportunity to serve the community. If you are interested in learning more about the project or how to get involved, please visit our website and select the option that best interests you. Volunteers will be awarded community service hours!

To learn more visit https://connectedthroughcaring.wordpress.com/.

Careers in Accounting Virtual Panel

Representatives from SBA Communications, Florida Auditor General, & Berkowitz Pollack Brant will serve as panelist to discuss topics regarding their experiences working the Accounting Industry and opportunities at their current employer. As the moderator I will provide panelist 10-12 standard questions and allow students to continue to Q&A as well.

Visit Handshake to learn more.