Sport Club Travel

Student travelers must submit their own travel applications. Professional staff cannot submit travel on behalf of student travelers.

Please follow the steps below to apply for sport club travel award:

  1. All required documents must be submitted for approval to the Competitive Sports Office, at least 15 business days prior to the departure date in order to be eligible for funding.
  2. Travel documents must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the departure date for trips not utilizing allocated funds.
  3. A club officer must submit a Travel Request Form, prior to each requested travel competition/event
  4. Each traveler must read the Student Travel Policy. Download the Student Travel Procedures
  5. If traveling internationally, students are required to register with the Education Abroad office and to purchase the university-approved international health and travel insurance for the duration of official programming or activities.
  6. Gather the following information:
    • Each member must have a Sport Club Participation Waiver on file with the Competitive Sports Office in order to travel
      • Each member should only complete once (valid for 1 – full academic year)
    • Proof of Competition or Event
    • A travel roster with each traveler's name, email, phone number, and z-number
    • All applicable financial information associated with the travel that will be covered by allocated fundings:
      • Rental Car
      • Hotel information
      • Event registration
      • Airfare
      • Round trip gas estimates using
      • Round trip toll estimates using
    • If traveling internationally, please contact Lindsay Hughes Proof of clearance from the international office – Internal travel insurance (CISI) is required for all internal travel.
    • Upon approval of the Travel Request Form, clubs must then submit a corresponding Event Request Form via their Organization’s page in Owl Central

Funded Travel

Clubs requesting allocated funding for travel must also complete the following documentation: Note: Sports Club Council funded travel request(s) that are approved, are subject to funds available.


Upon approval of the Travel Request Form, clubs must submit a corresponding Purchase Request Form via their Organization’s page in Owl Central. This allows clubs to utilize allocated funding for their travel.


  • Upon return, the Risk Management Officer must notify the Sports Programs Administraive Staff of any injuries or incidents that occurred.
  • If travel reimbursement was approved, clubs must turn in receipts for all reimbursable expenses within 5 business days of the trip return date. These receipts may include:
    1. Avis/Budget rental receipt(s) (received when vehicle is returned)
    2. Detailed Hotel receipt with zero balance (received at check-out) showing the student as the payee
    3. Registration receipt(s)
    4. Gas or Parking receipt(s) (may only be reimbursed for vehicles rented by Campus Recreation)
    5. Parking receipt(s) (pre-paid receipts are not allowed)
  • All receipts should be submitted together and must contain the name(s) of the person(s) that made the payment
    1. For Hotel and Registration receipts, please ensure that the company/organization indicates the student as payee name and the method of payment.
    2. For Gas and other receipts, officers may have to write in the name of the person who made the payment

Non-Funded Travel

If you are not requesting allocated funding, you will only need to provide the travel information listed at the beginning of the Sport Club Travel page, at least 10 business days prior to the departure date.

Sport Clubs utilizes two distance-based processes to ensure proper documentation of off-campus events. For more information regarding this process, please review the Sport Clubs Handbook.