Student Travel Application Submission


NOTE: Student travelers must submit their own travel applications. Professional staff cannot submit travel on behalf of student travelers. Graduate Students must submit individual applications. Graduate Students must not submit as a group.

Step 2 in application process - Apply to notify the University of your travel plans and apply for a Student Travel Award:

All student travelers are required to notify the University of their travel plans related to the University. Student travelers may also apply to receive a Student Travel Award, sponsored by Student Government, to aid in travel costs. These processes are done via Owl Central using one Owl Central form and the following documents are required:

To notify the University of your travel plans, the following will be required:
  • Student Travel Code of Conduct and Release of Liability forms
  • Download the Individual Form
  • Download the Group Form
  • Proof of Conference or Event (Official event notice that includes name, dates, and location of event)
  • A list of group members traveling with each traveler's name, z number, email, phone number, address, primary campus location (if applicable) Using the following form only:  List of Travelers Form
  • A Letter of support from RSO Advisor or Faculty Advisor (1 per group)
  • A Letter of Justification for travel, explaining why you are traveling (1 per group)

If traveling internationally each traveler will be required to:

If you are not seeking a Student Travel Award from Student Government, the above documentation is all that is required. Go to the bottom of this page to apply, else continue to below:

To apply for a Student Travel Award, the following will be required:
  • All the documents from A. above
  • Each traveler must read the  Student Travel Procedures.
  • Each traveler must complete  Student Travel Training, once a year, when applying for Student Travel Awards.
  • Gather the following information:
    • A  Travel Checklist  (1 per trip)
    • Confirmation of presenting or competing (if applicable) (NOTE: If you do not have confirmation prior to the due date of your Student Travel application you must still apply on or before your due date.)
    • A one-page abstract on your presentation or provide the events description of your competition.
    • Proof (screenshots) of Estimated Cost (i.e. hotel, airfare, registration, rental car, shuttle/taxi, gas, for mileage reimbursement, map showing mileage if driving own vehicle etc.).
      • Rental Cars:  The State of Florida has entered into an agreement with Avis to use only their rental cars, unless a lower net rate can be secured from another company. Written justification, including cost comparisons, must be provided if a different company is used. Avis is a designated University vendor who will provide discounts when signing up for Emerald Club. A written justification is required when renting a vehicle other than a compact car.

        Students are required to pay for gas out of pocket and should follow instructions about returning the car with the appropriate levels of gasoline. Gas receipts must be itemized and show how many gallons were purchased.

      • Mileage Reimbursements for Personal Cars:  Students who plan to drive their own cars to attend a conference/event may be reimbursed for mileage at the Florida Statutory Rate of .445 cents per mile and tolls. All travel must be by the most direct and economical route available. A map showing point of origin to destination must be provided. Gas expenses are not reimbursable for students who plan to drive their own vehicles.
      • Hotel/Lodging Accommodations:  Make sure the establishment puts your name on the room. Make sure the hotel can provide an itemized receipt upon checkout; verify this with online agents such as Orbitz and Air B and B. A copy of the credit card charge slip is not acceptable. Only the cost of the room (including tax) per night will be reimbursed. Personal calls, meals or any other charges included in the hotel bill are not reimbursable.
      • Acceptable Documentation for reimbursement:  Make sure every travelers name is on all accommodations and receipts before you leave the establishments. Student Travel Awards are reimbursements to individuals Each individual must show receipts in their name.
  • Apply at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: Once you submit your notification to travel and Student Travel Award application, you will receive separate notifications for each. Notifications regarding the decision for your travel plans and separate correspondences regarding your Student Travel Award. Student Travel Awards are contingent upon your approved travel plans.