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Is a Graduate Degree in Physics for Me?

Physics is the purest of the sciences. This field is especially important in today's ever changing landscape of modern science. Physics exists to provide a foundation for our understanding of nature and our very existence. Traditionally physicists study matter, energy, space, and time, from the smallest elementary particles to the whole universe. Today physicists are asking even deeper questions, such as: "How come the quantum?"; " How come one world out of many?" and even "How come existence?". Physics continues to be the foundation and guiding beacon of all the physical sciences from biochemistry to biology, and from engineering to space sciences. If you seek the answer to questions such as "How come ...? ", then physics is for you.

Careers in Physics

Scientific Research and Teaching at a University or Colleges; Medical Research; Industrial Science and Technology; National Laboratories; Scientific Journalism; Government Service; K-12 Education

Graduate Programs and Certificates Offered by the Physics Department at FAU

Ph.D., Doctoral Degree in Physics
MS, Master of Science in Physics
MST, Master of Science Education
Medical Physics Certificate
Master of Science in Medical Physics

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