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Is a Graduate Degree in Chemistry for Me?

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Chemistry is the science concerned with the properties, structure, and transformation of matter at the molecular level. Chemistry affects our daily lives at every level by providing the technology for new materials, understanding the causes of diseases, discovering new drugs, improving food production, and developing environmentally friendly energy resources. Without the work of chemists there would be no cell phones, no plastic materials of any kind, no efficient method to control agricultural pests or treatment for infectious diseases. 

Careers in Chemistry

An education in chemistry will allow you to choose from many exciting careers in the public and private sector. Some chemists work as researchers in chemical companies, hospitals, or universities, others as teachers in schools, colleges, or universities. Chemists are employed by NASA, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Center for Disease Control and many other local and federal agencies. Many chemists work in the private sector in product development, process control, and production management. There are many opportunities for chemists in business management, law, and firms, or regulatory agencies.

Graduate Programs Offered by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at FAU

Ph.D. Degree in Chemistry
Graduate Certificate in Neuroscience (Coming Soon)
MS Master of Science Graduate Degree in Chemistry
MS Master of Science Graduate Degree in Teaching in Chemistry

What's Special about the Graduate Programs in Chemistry at FAU

  • Emphasis on interdisciplinary research at the interfaces of chemistry, biology, and medicine.
  • An extended network of collaboration within FAU and the South Florida Research Community.
  • Facilities: Two NMR spectrometers (500 and 400 MHz) equipped with a full complement of probe heads and electronic hardware; state-of-the-art mass spectrometry including: AB Q-Star XL hybrid MS/MS (with nanospray, oMALDI and capillary-LC) and AB Voyager-DE STR MALDI-TOF mass spectrometers, Finnigan LCQ Deca ion trap LC-MS; peptide synthesizers, protein sequencer, BSL2 cell culture facility

Graduate Faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Faculty Listing

Past Graduates Work Now at:

The Scripps Research Institute
Louisville Medical Center
Barry University
Nova Southeastern University

Application Deadlines

Entry to Fall Semester: July 1 (February 15 for International Students)
Entry to Spring Semester: November 1 (July 15 for International Students)
Application Information
Apply on-line: through the  FAU Graduate College.

Chair of Graduate Admissions

Predrag Cudic, Ph.D., Chair and Professor

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