Since its inception in 1987, The Visual Planning Technology Lab, housed in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Florida Atlantic University, has completed over forty research projects. Over the past 10 years, hazards and disasters have been a major focus of the Lab's research activities. The Lab has led research projects related to sea-level rise, Florida's high hazard area, displacement due catastrophic hurricanes, and sustainable solutions for shoreline stabilization. The Lab has also conducted projects related to 3D visualization, redistricting analysis, inventories and mapping, development of guides, plans, and designs, web design projects, and surveys. This state-of-the-art facility continues to be a hub for basic and applied planning and policy research and spatial analysis. The role of the Lab continues to evolve as we engage in and take the lead on multidisciplinary projects and research that have national relevance and applicability.

Past VPT Lab Directors

Ron Shultz (1987)
Shih-Lung Shaw (1988-1990)
Sharon Stevenson (1990-1991)
David Prosperi (1992-1994)
Scott Burton (1995- 2001)
David Prosperi (2001- 2003)
Jaap Vos (2003- 2005)
Ann-Margaret Esnard (2005- 2013)
Diana Mitsova (2013-2023)

VPT Lab Coordinators:

Bryan McConnell (2016 - )
Asher Soldwedel (2000- 2016)

VPT Web Developer:

Aubrey Craun (2000 - )