How to Use the Research Cores

Contacts and Resources

Need to access an FAU Core facility?

Contact the core manager here:

Research Core Management Resources

Stratocore Pasteur Platform Management System (PPMS), FAU’s research core management software runs:

  • Scheduling and Ordering
  • Invoicing
  • Usage Tracking
  • Project Management
  • Incident and Maintenance Reporting

Start here.

FAU Research Cores Internal Pilot (RCIP) Program

  • Announcement / Guidelines
  • List of Awardees

FAU Core Technology Conversations

FAU hosts regular Core Technology Conversations webinars featuring the FAU core facilities to learn how an FAU core facility could support your research projects.

For FAU Scientific and Clinical Researchers:

Invoicing for Core Projects

Invoice approval in the Stratocore PPMS system:

Researchers and designated administrators (if applicable) will receive an invoice via email. Next steps:

  • Go to the Start Page at
  • Click the relevant core facility.
  • Log in with FAU credentials.
  • To accept the invoice, select the following: Group Management (on the blue task bar) > Invoice Draft > Accept This Draft Invoice.

Approving Invoices Using Workday:

If using the cloud-based system Workday, an “internal service delivery” will come to in your Workday inbox:

  • Review all information, including TAGs and attachments.
  • Select “Approve” if the invoice is approved.
  • If not approved, contact if an issue exists.

NOTE: The Workday approval process can be delegated to another approver.

To delegate the task in Workday, click here for details.

Budgets for Grant Proposals:

Answering budget questions for grant proposals

  • For “Direct Costs,” write the quoted dollar amount from the core manager.
  • To justify your budget, list items such as equipment, services and rates as “Other Direct Costs.”
  • Research core rates include direct costs only. Submit any facilities and administrative costs in the indirect costs section of the grant proposal.
  • For the Novelution screening question: “Does the project involve the use of a FAU Core Facility?” select each research core included in the budget.


Guidelines for publishing academic papers

  • Core facility personnel provide essential services for core users. Therefore, recognizing contributions to the scientific advancement of research projects is important.
  • The kind of recognition, however, may differ from project to project and depend upon the personnel’s contribution.
  • When is co-authorship warranted? Are there times when an acknowledgment is more appropriate? And what if a user or collaborator refuses to acknowledge core personnel?
  • For answers to these and other core-related publishing questions, visit Authorship Guidelines to learn more.

For Non-FAU Scientific Researchers:

Research Core Management Resources

To access the Stratocore PPMS system:

  • Go to the Start Page at
  • Click the relevant core facility.
  • Log in using your PPMS credentials.

Paying Invoices

By credit card or electronic check (ACH): Visit the Research Cores’ Store at the FAU Marketplace.

To pay by check:

Make check payable to:
Florida Atlantic University
Mail check to:
Florida Atlantic University
Attn.: Alexandra Ochoa
777 Glades Road
Bldg. 104, Room 309
Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991