Engineering & Technology Core (ETC)


The Engineering and Technology Core offers applied project services to support FAU faculty with sponsored research projects. We provide quality and affordable engineering, project management, operations, and testing services that free investigators to focus on science, publishing, and new proposal development.

ETC offers a one-stop-shop to address applied project needs in the form of services.

Are you missing a tool to complete or compete for a project?

Need help collecting field or lab data?

Does your experiment have instrumentation that needs calibrated or prepared?

Are there off-the-shelf tools that need to be specified and acquired for your project?

Need help managing the assembly or fabrication of a tool?

In essence, we can help with all of the applied project needs – think of it as the etcetera (ETC) for your project.

Before contacting us

Take a look at what we offer, get information on how it works and how much your project may cost.


Director of Core Facilities,
Gabriel Alsenas
Direct: 561-297-0954
Mobile: 561-271-6820