How to Add Equipment and Services to an Existing Research Core

Adding any new piece of equipment or a new service to an existing research core is a big step. Before doing so, submit a request to the core manager with the following information:

  • Purchase dates of equipment
  • Proposed location of the equipment or service
  • Projected uses
  • Associated costs for personnel, service or maintenance contracts, and consumables and/or software

The next steps are to collaborate with the core manager on a plan, and schedule an initial meeting with the FAU Research Cores Program to discuss your idea and develop a strategy.

The Research Cores Program will require a complete application template and templates for a business plan and rate calculations. The documents must gain approval from both the Research Cores Oversight Committee and the Vice President for Research.

The FAU Research Cores then enters the approved documents into the Workday planning module for the Budget and Auxiliary Committee (BAC) for final approval.

With the BAC approval in hand, the core can add the new equipment or service.

Learn more about the FAU Research Cores Program.