What we do

We review an investigator’s research question(s), draft statistical methods and sample size sections for a research protocol, oversee and/or manage the integrity of data collected, conduct statistical analyses, interpret results, write methodology and results sections of manuscripts, collaborate on grant applications, and provide training to investigators.

More specifically, we:

  • Collaborate on writing grant applications and analysis of pilot data;
  • Design cross-sectional, cohort, observational studies, clinical trials and translational research studies;
  • Review literature regarding reliability, bias, confounding factors, effect modifiers, and sample size estimates;
  • Conduct power analyses to derive sample sizes;
  • Provide tailored randomization schemes;
  • Draft statistical methodology and results sections, with graphics for model assumptions and findings;
  • Implement data management procedures to insure data validity and security;
  • Perform analyses: descriptive, multiple linear/logistic, hierarchical, single/multi-event survival models;
  • Analyze large government, clinical, and claims databases;
  • Design case report forms for prospective studies;
  • Conduct pharmaco-economic studies to analyze healthcare economic outcomes;
  • Carry out meta-analyses including systematic literature reviews;
  • Collaborate on presentations and manuscripts for publication using evidence-based findings;
  • Conduct workshops in biostatistics, epidemiology and qualitative research methods.


Katherine Freeman-Costin
Biostatistics Core Leader, Institute on Healthy Aging and Lifespan Studies
(561) 297-4858

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