MedOwl Spotlight on Dr. Lea Sacca

Friday, Sep 01, 2023
MedOwls Spotlight and headshot of Dr. Lea Sacca

Drum roll, please! 🥁 We're absolutely thrilled to reveal our debut feature for the MedOwl Spotlight of September 2023: the remarkable Dr. Lea Sacca! 🌟

Dr. Sacca is an esteemed Associate Professor of Population Health and Social Medicine at FAU Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine. Her heartbeat syncs with a passion for a range of communities. From the tribal areas of American Indian/Alaskan Natives to the refugee women and the underserved communities of South Florida and Houston, her work paints a picture of dedication, compassion, and innovation.

What fuels Dr. Sacca's journey? It's the heartfelt stories of these communities, understanding their unique health challenges, and identifying actionable solutions. Through her groundbreaking research, she's pioneered strategies that touch lives and elevate overall public health.

But that's not all! Being an educator and mentor, Dr. Sacca’s influence reaches the budding minds of M1 and M2 medical students. She's their guiding star, illuminating the path where research isn't just data, but a powerful tool to impact real lives.

Diving deeper, Dr. Sacca's tireless pursuits include breast cancer screening, prenatal care, substance abuse, pediatric health disparities, and menstrual equity. Her collaborations with the Florida Department and the Health Care District of Palm Beach County, have equipped her with data that's rewriting the narrative on substance use disorder.

Celebrating Women in Medicine month, Dr. Sacca is a beacon of resilience. A remarkable woman whose research is not just touching lives but molding the future of medical professionals. She reminds us all that, "failure is inevitable," but with grit, learnings, and perseverance, the sky's the limit.

🌟 Peek Into Dr. Sacca's World! 🌟

Curious to walk a day in Dr. Sacca’s shoes? Here’s your golden ticket! Take a sneak peek into her everyday magic, and those little moments that make her journey so inspiring.

Stay inspired, MedOwls, and keep reaching for the stars! ✨

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