interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting

INTERFOLIO FACULTY ACTIVITY REPORTING (Faculty180) uses the Interfolio Data Service to complie an ongoing source of accurate and reliable faculty information.

  • Present scholars with recent data on file about their accomplishments for them to validate throughout the year.
  • Enable attachment of actual work produced, whether it’s journal articles, conference proceedings, videos, or computer science code.
  • Facilitate connection to ORCID or external profile systems.
  • Maintain any number of official CV templates to automatically present fielded data in clean, readable formats.
  • Enable scholars to establish custom CV formats that reflect their discipline and put their best foot forward.
  • Link activity data to your website’s scholar profiles.
  • Gather data for accreditation and other compliance requirements.
  • Create custom reports and easily navigate through cells to view the underlying data.
  • Save and share reports with peers inside and outside the institution.


Interfolio Faculty180

Faculty180 Reporting Instructions

Faculty180 Annual Assignment Instructions

Training Video: Adding Assignments in Interfolio

Training Video: Reviewing and Approving Your Annual Assignment

Interfolio FAR Annual Assignment Definitions


Reporting Matrix

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FAR (Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting)

Annual Assignments  2022-2023 Faculty Annual Assignments  Before Fall 2022 July 8, 2022