Assessment Database


What is an Assessment Plan?


FAU Administrative Assessment Important Dates

Director’s Responsibility  Due Date Description Supervisor’ Responsibility
Report Prior Year’s Assessment Plan Results

 October 1

Assessment results & analysis for all outcomes in plan entered in database “submitted for review”.
 Review report and request revisions if applicable. Approve completed (revised) plan.
Submit New Assessment Plan for Current Year

 August-September/ By October 1

Create assessment plan for current academic year utilizing previous plan/results. “Submit for review” to assessment database.  
Review and revise new assessment plan. 


FAU SLOs Assessment Important Dates

Description  Due Date Results Due Date Report Due Date
Outcome Description and Methodology Implementing Strategy Assessment Methods Criterion for Success and New Assessment Plan for Current Year

February 15

Submit Results for previous Academic Year and Program Improvements for Current Year

October 1

College Assessment Representative Submit College Assessment Report for previous Academic Year to Provost’s Office

November 25


University Team for Assurance of Student Learning (TASL)



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