Assessment Mission & Values

Mission Statement

The mission of Assessment is to provide university-wide support for:

  • Assessment of student learning outcomes

  • Planning and reporting on assessment activities (formative as well as summative).

  • Continuous improvement activities at the course, program and institutional levels

  • Moreover, Assessment strives to collaborate with faculty, administrators and other staff to develop and sustain, across the university, a community-supported and endorsed culture of assessment.


  • Supporting Faculty in their quest to help students to learn

  • Continuous improvement of student learning

  • Collaboration with faculty and staff

  • Shared responsibility and shared resources

  • Use of technology to achieve efficiency

  • Responsiveness

  • Open communication and listening

  • Evidence-based / Data-driven decisions and changes

  • Rigorous, high-quality, and useful assessment data such as authentic performance-based assessment and embedded curriculum-based assessments of student abilities, skills (e.g., written and oral communications, quantitative literacy, critical thinking), and knowledge (especially analysis and synthesis as opposed to simple memorization).

For more information about FAU's Assessment Philosophy and Procedures, please see our Student Learning Outcome Assessment Plan: Continuous Quality Improvement.