Advisory Board

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to:

  • Promote community knowledge and awareness of the Honors College;
  • Develop interaction between the Honors College and the wider community;
  • Encourage measures affecting the college’s continuing success;
  • Foster the spirit of excellence in education that historically embodies Florida Atlantic University and the Honors College.


Advisory Board

Advisory Board Members

Chair: Mr. Charles Fischer
Vice Chair: Ms. Daphne Nikolopoulos
Mr. Barry Berg
Mr. Lawrence Buck, Esq.
Ms. Cristina Ciolacu
Ms. Liz Klein
Ms. Leanna Landsmann
Ms. Diane McNeal
Ms. Emily Pantelides
Ms. Ann Marie Rezzonico
Mr. Marty Rogol
Mr. Christopher Rooney
Ms. Caitlin Saladrigas, Esq.
Mr. Stephen Zaloom, Esq.
Mr. Thomas Zeichman, Esq.