Advising Checklist

I. Core requirements: these are ideally satisfied in the student's first two years. Transfer students entering as juniors need not satisfy these requirements. Advisors should encourage students to choose courses satisfying the requirements of SBA, CIV, Literature, and Distribution electives from different fields and taught by different faculty.

Core Requirements
i. Social and Behavioral Analysis 1 course, 3 credits  
ii. Culture, Ideas and Values 1 course, 3 credits  
iii. Natural Sciences 2 courses, 6-8 credits At least one of these courses must include a laboratory section to give students hands-on experience and allow them to understand the meaning of science in both theory and practice. The two courses should be in two distinct disciplines within the natural sciences.
iv. Literature 1 course, 3 credits  
v. Arts 1 course, 3 credits  
vi. Math 2 courses, 6-8 credits Courses must be at or above the level of Precalculus. Honors MGF 1107 may be used as well.
vii. Writing 2 courses, 6-8 credits 3 1-credit writing in the discipline (WID) courses, or a 3 credit writing class (typically ENC 1123) and two WID courses. At least one WID course at the 4000 level. Transfer students satisfy this requirement by taking 2 WID courses, at least one at the 4000 level. For students who entered in the 1999-2000 academic year, the Writing requirement is 1-4 credits: at least 1 writing-in-the-discipline course. Students placed into ENC 1123 must take 1123 and 1 WID course.


II. Other Honors College Graduation Requirements: these must be satisfied by all students,  including transfers.

Other Graduation Requirements
Foreign Language 2 courses, 8 credits 1120/1121 or equivalent. Students who place out of this via CLEP or other coursework should fill out a form indicating completion of this requirement, available from language faculty, advising coordinator, or the Dean's office. Students who place into 2203 through the HC placement test fulfill the requirement by taking 2203 (4 credits).
Interdisciplinary Critical Inquiry 3 courses, 5-9 credits Team-taught courses. Courses may be at any level, 1000-4000. Team-taught courses used to satisfy the critical inquiry seminar may not be used to satisfy other Core requirements with the exception of the International and Environmental Study requirement. At least 1 course must be 3 credits.
International and Environmental Studies 2 courses, 1 in each area; 2-6 credits Courses used to satisfy this requirement may also be used to satisfy other Core requirements.
Distribution Electives 2 courses, 6 credits Students must take two additional courses in two distinct disciplines, one within the humanities and one within the social sciences. Courses may not be used to satisfy other Core requirements.
For students entering prior to 2001, the Distribution Electives requirement is: Students must take two courses in two distinct disciplines within the humanities and/or social sciences that aren't already being used to satisfy other Core requirements.
Honors College Forum 1 course, 1 credit  
Study Abroad or Internship