Sea Vegetables
Sea Vegetables: Conclusions

Preliminary Conclusions

  • The four sea vegetables grown in HBOI’s IMTA system are low in calories, almost fat-free, contain no added sugars, and are a good source of high quality protein, fiber and potassium.

  • The seaweeds and sea vegetables contain beneficial salts. The sea vegetables have the highest amounts of these salts.

  • The seaweeds have higher levels of iodine than the sea vegetables.

  • The seaweeds and sea vegetables contain no mercury and lead.

  • All four sea vegetables show no detectable E. coli and were negative for Listeria and Salmonella.


Sea Vegetables

Midwest Laboratories—nutritional analyses and class I metals

Eurofins Food Integrity and Innovation – microbiological tests

HBOI Research Biologists assisted with the culture and harvest of the sea vegetables for this study:

  • Richard Baptiste
  • Patrick Monaghan
  • Zack Nilles
  • Richard Mulroy
  • sv-Liberta Scotto
HBOI ocean fish