Security Clearance Information - Martin County

  • New Fingerprinting ($54.50 payable on-line or with money order) if you are a student who has never been fingerprinted in Martin County OR if your clearance letter is expired.
  • Letter Renewal ($6.00 MONEY ORDER ONLY) if your letter will be expiring within the next 10 days.
  • Drug Screening Information (for all initial students needing field placement)

New Fingerprinting

Students must Register Online and print their receipt at Under "Registration", click on "Register Online"

  1. For County select Martin County from the pull-down box
  2. For CRI Literal select: FL931391Z – MARTIN COUNTY SCHOOLS/FDOE CERT.
  3. Please insert your social security number
  4. Please fill out the remaining information and submit. You MUST print out receipt to bring with you to your fingerprinting appointment.
  5. The fingerprinting fee is $54.50. You may pay for the fingerprinting by either credit card or money order. If you choose the money order option, please make sure to bring the money order with you at the time of your appointment. Money orders should be made out to 3M Cogent.
  6. All initial clearances require a drug screen. You will be given information about completing the drug screen at the time of making your fingerprinting appointment.
  7. Call (772) 219-1200 extension 30424 or 30296 to make a fingerprinting appointment.

Bring these items with you to the School District Office:

  • Money Order made out to "3M Cogent" (if you did not pay on-line with a credit card) for $54.50.
  • Your printed registration receipt.
  • $32.00 Money Order made out to "MCSD" for Drug Screen.
  • $6.00 Money Order made out to "MCSD" for clearance letter.
  • Either a copy of your FAU schedule or unofficial transcript.
  • Photo ID.

Clearance Letter Renewal

Approximately 10 days before your Martin County Clearance Letter expires, call the District Personnel Office at (772) 219-1200 ext. 30424 of 30296 to request a renewal letter. You will pay with a $6.00 money order payable to "MCSD" when you pick up your letter.

Drug Screening Information

An initial drug screening is required for all students seeking placement in Martin County. There is a fee of $32.00 payable with a money order made out to "MCSD." After fingerprinting at the District office, students pay for the drug screen and then are directed to a local lab. Results are sent to the Director of Personnel.