Available Online!

SPOTs (Student Perception of Teaching forms) are to be completed online. Faculty no longer provide paper SPOTs in class at the end of the semester.  Please remember to complete the SPOTs for the classes in which you are enrolled. In order to complete the SPOT, please go to Https://spot.fau.edu. Please note that some faculty may ask you to complete the SPOT in class using your smartphone or tablet.

Please keep in mind that SPOTs are an extremely effective tool to evaluate the quality of instruction.  Departments, schools, and colleges use individual instructor data and comments in annual evaluations, as well as for tenure and promotion.  SPOT results are presented to faculty in summary form after the end of the semester. Individual SPOT responses are completely anonymous and remain anonymous. Faculty have no way of linking a SPOT to a particular student.

To begin the SPOT process:

question markTo Begin the SPOT process, CLICK HERE.

question markLogin with your FAU NetId. 

question markClick on each course to complete the SPOT for that course

If you have any questions about the process, please contact the Office of Testing and Evaluation at spot@fau.edu


 Last Modified 10/27/15